Robert Mondavi Winery - Winemaking - Napa Green Certified

Napa Green Certified

Robert Mondavi Winery was the first to formally adopt a natural farming approach to the cultivation of estate vineyards. This approach extends beyond rules and strictures of organic farming and considers overall wine quality and the impact on the greater environment.


As a joint effort in 1995, the Robert Mondavi Winery and the Napa County Resource Conservation District created the Napa Sustainable Winegrowing Group (NSWG). The NSWG holds several annual workshops on current topics in sustainable winegrowing such as water conservation, quality improvement, cover cropping, erosion control and the latest in Integrated Pest Management techniques. During the past decade, Robert Mondavi Winery has undertaken further experiments in natural farming and in 1998 became the first winery to receive an “Innovator” award from California's Environmental Protection Agency.



  • Gentle hand-harvesting minimizes bruising and brings only the finest fruit to winery
  • Ferments majority of wines with naturally occurring native yeasts, which imparts more complexity and character
  • Gentle gravity flow of wine eliminates need for pumping
  • Fines and filters wines naturally


  • In-house task force studies and implements new environmental projects
  • Maintains an aggressive recycling program for glass bottles, paper products, corks and cans
  • Recycles more than one million gallons of winery wastewater annually for use in the vineyards