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Robert Mondavi knew that the first place to begin, when he started his winery, was in the vineyard. For the home of his fledgling winery, he chose a 12-acre site in the To Kalon Vineyard, a historic property long regarded as one of Napa Valley's finest. We encourage you to view the video below to learn more about the Robert Mondavi Winery Vineyard practices.





Once the grapes have reached their optimum ripeness, they are harvested in the cool morning hours. They are picked by hand and placed into small bins in order to avoid bruising and premature crushing of the fruit. They are carried the short distance from the vineyard to the winery, where they will be sorted by hand prior to being de-stemmed and "crushed" as they go into the fermenters. This is just the beginning of the harvest journey though; view the video below to see the complete harvest process